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WCSC’s annual Hospice Regatta provides a competitive weekend of sailing at all levels and camaraderie with fellow sailors all while supporting the Hospice of the Upstate, located in Anderson, South Carolina. 

Register for the regatta, buy meal tickets, buy regatta clothing, raffle tickets and sign up for Sailing for others at our event site here.

The 2021 Hospice Regatta is right around the corner and coming up fast. Preparations have been underway for the 2021 event and the team has been working hard to make all the plans to host another great event and to meet our goal of $100,000 for Hospice of the Upstate. We need your help to accomplish this lofty goal. So, help us blow this number out of the water!

If you are going to sail in the event, Please register early. This will help us with the planning to make sure we have enough food, drink and other great stuff available for you and your crew. Beat the deadline as the fees go up after Friday October 1st. You can imagine the planning involved to ensure that we have enough food and drink for 350 hungry sailors, so in order to help prevent us from running out, we have early registration discounts on registration and food.

Covid info
We are working hard and thinking thru the changes to provide a safe and protected environment for all attendees. Expect a great event but with a lot more spacing and some minor changes to the food service process.

Registration web site

We are again using a web site that is geared towards fundraising. This site allows you to do all the registration stuff that we have provided in the past….in addition it allows each participant to setup a unique fundraising page that you can use to support our Sailing For Others program.

You can register online by visiting our club web site at and following the links to the Hospice Regatta. Or, go directly to the registration site here. You can make donations, purchase additional meal tickets, order cool Regatta clothing, buy 50/50 raffle tickets, all online. Everything you need is on the web site including the NOR and ‘who is attending’ lists along with other information.

When you register, you will setup your Sailing For Others fundraising web page that will track your donations in real time. It also has cool tools for sending out links, including personal emails to your friends and family, directing them back to your donation page. Take advantage of the site features and watch your donations grow!

50/50 raffles

We are offering a fun way of raising money for the Hospice of the Upstate, and providing a great raffle drawing for some lucky winners. For a $25 (tax deductible I might add) donation, you will enter a drawing that will be held on Sunday at the awards ceremony. The drawing will be for a cold hard cash. That’s right, everyone’s favorite, cash. It’s called a 50/50 raffle where 50% goes to you, 50% goes to the Hospice of the Upstate. The number of tickets sold will be limited to 100, so you can win $1250 in cash! Once we sell 100 tickets, we will start a new raffle, so it’s never too late to get in. Tell your friends and family, remember they don’t have to be present to win and ANYONE can buy a chance. Go here to buy your 50/50 Raffle tickets.


Pre Order your take home BBQ

In that past we have sold the leftover BBQ ad hoc on Sunday after the event. This year, we are putting the BBQ on the store page and you can reserve your BBQ to take home after the event. It's pre ordered in pint or quart sizes and with an order deadline of October 1st. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy the Regatta BBQ after the event and help raise money for Hospice of the Upstate.

PHRF E fleet is for you if you want to sail without the stress of racing

This fleet started several years ago and has turned out to be one of the biggest fleets of the event every year with a lot of fun and participation. The PHRF E class (Cruisers) will continue this year and will race on the Distance course, have a separate start and will be limited to Mono hull keelboats with a displacement of more than 3500 lbs. This will also be a non-spinnaker class. This is a great way to include a whole class of boats who can compete against each other with similar construction characteristics. Get your friends and family together and get your boat out of the slip and join us in supporting the Hospice event this year! You will enjoy it!

Sailing for Others

We will again be holding the Sailing for Others sponsorship challenge to help raise additional funds. This program is not limited to just skippers. We encourage anyone who is attending the event and wants to help us raise money to start lining up your friends, family and co-workers to help. Everything can be done online at and follow the links to the Regatta web site. Again, this year we are giving away one-year membership dues to WCSC. That's right, one year free membership dues to WCSC will be the winning raffle item. We will also draw a 2nd place (6 months free membership dues) and a 3rd place (3 months free membership dues). Note, this does not include any boat, slip, storage or equipment fees, only your quarterly membership dues up to $616 in value. To qualify for the raffle, you must raise more than $500 thru the Sailing for Others challenge. If you raise more than $1,000, your name will be entered twice in the raffle and at each $1,000 increment you will get an additional chance to win. That means $2,000 raised will mean 3 tickets, $3,000 means 4 chances and so on. We hope this helps encourage all Hospice participants to promote the Sailing for Others program and help us meet our goal. Contact your friends, family and co-workers to help support the event. Note: we will once again invoke the 'Baker rule' where you can only win once. Every year, past Commodore Dennis Baker steps up and does an incredible job helping us raise funds. So much so, that we had to implement rules to throttle back his smack talk and to give everyone else a chance to win.

Saturday night Dinner

We have always had great food at the event. Your meal ticket provides food and drink for the whole weekend including the Saturday night dinner. Don’t miss this great meal and make sure you purchase enough tickets for your crew and family.

Saturday night Raffle 

Always a special event, the Saturday night ticket raffle is always looking for items that can be raffled off. A couple of notes for you to help us with the raffle event. Donated items should be greater than $25 in value. Things like tools, sailing accessories, electronics, camping supplies and of course the ever popular bottle of booze are always very popular and generate a lot of ticket sales. Gift certificates are great, but make sure it is for a national business (not local) as we have competitors come in from all over the country.

Also, to help with the coordination, email AnnaKay Lord at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. what you are going to donate. That will help on Friday night with the setup and coordination.

We always have a need for volunteers, your help is appreciated

We always have a need for volunteers to help out. If you are interested, contact John or Ronnie at the links below. This would be a great way to help support the event AND receive fair share hours for the year.

If you would like to help please contact John Kreidler (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Ronnie Ashmore (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

With your help, we look forward to putting on another great Regatta while reaching our goal of $100,000 for Hospice of the Upstate.

Together, let's make it happen.

Ronnie and John