Rigging the Force 5 Sailboat

Cunningham (downhaul) ¼" Red 12’ in length

Outhaul ¼" Blue 10’ in length

Vang (boomvang) ¼" Green 13’ in length

Main Sheet 3/8" Red 30’ in length

Travelers (2) (attached) ¼" Blue 5½’ in length

Bow line (optional) 3/8" Green 20’ in length

The Cunningham or downhaul controls the luff tension of the sail. This is the ¼" 12' Red line. It goes through the grommet on the sail down through the outside bullseyes and to the outer clam cleats.

The Outhaul controls the foot tension of the sail at the end of the boom via the outhaul wire. This is the ¼" 10' Blue line. It goes through the small block (pulley) back through the inner bullseyes to the middle clam cleats.

The Vang controls the boom to prevent it from lifting up, and to flatten the sail. This is the ¼" 13' Green line. It goes from the inner clam cleat to the double block that is attached to the ring on the mast. Go from underneath the lower block and up through the same side of the upper double block. Continue up and through the single block attached to the mast. Go back down through the upper block and back down through the lower block and out to the inner clam cleat. The lines should not be crossed between the upper and lower blocks. Alternate Method. Run line around the single block that is attached to the mast. Both ends are then are threaded down through the double block which is attached to the boom. From there go down through the double block attached to the mast ring and then to the inner clam cleats.

The Main Sheet controls the position of the mainsail. This is the M" 24' Red line. Tie off with a bowline knot at becket on the block attached to the traveler. Feed the line through forward boom block from the aft side and back down through the block with the becket and then up through the aft boom block from the fore side. Run the line down and through the bottom of the hexaratchet and out through the eyestrap above the clam cleat.

The Traveler lines control the movement of the traveler which in turn controls the athwartships position of the sail. These are the two ¼" 5½' Blue lines. They come up from under the thwart, through the traveler and out through the eyestrap to the clam cleats located on either side of the boat.

The Bow Line is used to maneuver the sailboat at dockside or beachside. This is the 20' Green line. Attach to the snap ring located under the bow handle with a bowline knot.

Attach rudder and leave in up position until in water and ready to sail. Attach dagger board retention line to the eye on thwart. As you get underway, Insert dagger board in trunk and secure.