The three templates are a start of providing files that can be downloaded for modifications or helpful items.

Rudder Template:

The rudder template was issued by AMF in about 1976 to provide a modification to the rudder to allow it to hang more vertical and reduce weather helm. The other item is the template to cut the rudder bracket to allow the rudder to be higher when the rudder is kicked up. This helps keep the rudder up while moving the boat. (note: this requires 11x17 paper as it is scale)

Trailer Bunk Template:

The trailer section provides instructions on how to setup the trailer for the Force 5. This template is the scale drawing for the rear bunk. This need a very large paper. The best option is to take this to FedEx (Kinkos) Copy Store and the cost is around $5.00.

Mast Bag Template:

The mast bag template provides a drawing and measurements to make a simple spar bag. This bag helps keep the spars in a secure fashion and it keeps the plastic fitting from breaking.